The HR professionals - handling the recruitment function of the organization- are constantly facing new challenges. The biggest challenge for such professionals is to source or recruit the best people or potential candidate for the organization. In the last few years, the job market has undergone some fundamental changes in terms of technologies, sources of recruitment, competition in the market etc. The major challenges faced by the HR in recruitment are

  • Timeliness of the process
  • Lack of motivation - Recruitment is considered to be a thankless job.
  • Cost effectiveness of Recruitment Solution
  • Lack of Domain Knowledge for Specialized Hiring

“CareerMate has extensive recruitment solution to address each of the above mentioned problem. Following are the strengths of the recruitment team of CareerMate”

  • Recruitment team consisting of practitioners of technology
  • Availability of domain experts
  • First technical screening by CareerMate to save time of HR partners
  • Comprehensive Database
  • Use of Advance Technical Tools in recruitment
  • Training Support for the newly hired workforce at entry level

“Commitment and Understanding”

  • We are committed to the goal of understanding the challenges you face in hiring
  • We work closely with your management to familiarize ourselves with your company culture, business objectives and staffing goals
  • With understanding achieved, a team of recruitment professionals will be assigned to generate results quickly and cost effectively
  • We will bring to your attention only those candidates that are value added to your business
  • Use of Advance Technical Tools in recruitment
  • Training Support for the newly hired workforce at entry level

“CareerMate is currently providing Recruitment Solutions to the following domains”

  • IT
  • Automobile
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • BPO
  • Pharma & Healthcare
  • FMCG
  • Sugar Industry
  • BFSI
  • Energy
  • Travel
  • Telecom


SoftLaunch Lite is the Flagship training program of CareerMate which bridges the gap between a graduate's skills and his employability. This program is a result of a long survey done in small to large Indian IT organizations working across the technologies and domains. SoftLaunch is a unique type of training program which avoids the beaten paths. It involves experiencing industry culture "up close" through direct interaction with industry experts. Through the course of the 120 hours, you shall be groomed and equipped with the critical competencies that will serve as a benchmark for a first time 'employee'

During the age of cut throat competition, it has been observed that the transition from academic to professional world brings tremendous challenges for a first time employee. Success in modern day industry requires not only technical skills but also the business and behavioral skills. These skills are unfortunately not the part of our academic curriculum. The dynamics of becoming a high performance employee are quite different. Following is the list of various topics covered in SoftLaunch Lite program for IT freshers:

In case of any queries, please mail us at

Sun Techonologies MS Technologies
Language: JAVA Language: C#
OS: Windows/Linux OS: Windows
Database: Oracle Database: SQL Server
Web: Servlets/JSP Web: ASP .NET
DB Connectivity: JDBC DB Connectivity: ADO .NET
Advance Java: Introduction to struts/EJB 3.0/Spring/Hibernate Advance Java: Introduction to Sharepoint Portal Silverlight
Common Modules
Tools: Following tools will be used during the Live Project
Development: Eclipse/Visual Studio
Design: Rational Rose
Configuration Management: SVN/CVS
Bug Tracking: Bugzilla
Build Automation: ANT
SDLC Overview: Intro to the following important aspects of SDLC
Quality Management
SDLC Processes
Support Processes
Corporate Functions
Behavioral Skills : Available on paid option
  • Business Communication
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Interviewing Skills
  • 4 Mock Interviews by Expert panel from top Corporate

CareerMate provides comprehensive solutions in manpower recruitment to its esteemed customers through its dedicated team and technology enabled platform. We provide the following value added services to our customers

Executive Search

We specialize in staffing solutions for entry level/ mid level and senior level hiring across the technology and domains.


CareerMate is in touch with many engineering and management colleges across India by virtue of conducting training and workshops through its SoftLaunch Lite initiative in the area of training and assessment. This is a unique initiative as it provides comprehensively assessed entry level resources to our esteemed customers through our `Talent Discovery Portal´.

TP Resourcing

We help our customers to mitigate risks in unstable/ changing project requirements by providing third party (or contractual) resources with/ without permanent transfer clause.

Recruitment Consulting

Through our knowledge and experience we provide recruitment consultancy to our customers to optimize staffing in order to provide best value for the money spent.