India is a country that has diversified culture and rich in heritage, with people belonging from different zones. The major huddles that crop up are issues related to MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) and major hiccups in conversation when an individual tends to translate from their native language to English. Students who speak a language other than English face a daunting task. Considering the need of English language and communication, keeping in view India being the second biggest economy after China in Asia and a lot of foreign investors investing in this country, Career Mate has taken the initiative to structure an English programme for adults and professional students who want to study English in a modern, high quality learning environment without the problems of studying in large groups.

This modules have been designed keeping in view the various competency levels of the students. Post completion of each level.

  • Students should be able to understand the advance level instructions in English and comprehend
  • Knowledge of English alphabets and an excellent vocabulary bank of over 2000 - 2500 words at least
  • Familiarization and confident usage of various grammatical structure
  • A comprehensive ability to understand and communicate in English

Learning Objective:

After finishing the course the student will be able to:

  • The student should be able to communicate with finesse
  • Would be ready to face the world with élan
  • Confidence to crack the interview
  • Ability to initiate and converse with deftness
  • Optimize on one’s self confidence and belief
  • Should be in a position to appear for TOEFL & IELTS


  • Lecture
  • Functional Approach
  • Handouts
  • Group discussions
  • Tailor-made guidance
  • Hands on
  • Use of Audio-Visual Aids
  • Practice exercises
  • Role Plays
S. No. Topics Details Hours
1. Learn your Grammar The right application of the verb ‘to be’
The confident usage of this‚ that‚ these‚ those‚ here and there
The right application of ‘Some’ and ‘Any’
Learn your Articles
When it comes to nouns- Countable & Uncountable
Learn your Quantifiers
The effective usage of Tenses-Simple Present‚ Past & Future Tenses
16 Hrs
2. Listening Competency Listening Quizzes
Simple Dialogues
8 Hrs
3. Writing Proficiency Introductions
Present simple habits
Past Events
8 Hrs
4. Spoken Practical English Greet & Introduce with deftness
Sharing of Name & Personal Information
Using of polite phrases while communicating
Watching the watch
Ability to do object identification and its description
Conversation on Daily Habits
Conversation with sales people in a shopping mall by role-play method
Asking for the Right Directions
Conversation between a patient and a Doctor
12 Hrs
5. The Effective way of Pronouncing words Understanding
Consonant & Vowel sounds
Types of Vowel Sounds and its usage, drills
Blending of 2 vowel sounds to create Diphthongs
Different types of Long & Short Vowel Sounds and its usage
Right movement of Jaws, tongue and flow of air
6 Hrs